Are my ads targeted?

ckpadmin | Sep 29, 2023

Click fraud is a major pain point for businesses and advertisers all over the world. Accounting for over 20% loss on annual ad spend.

Although, the majority of click fraud is intentional and rises from malicious intent towards the business either by;

– Competitors who try to subvert similar companies by driving up PPC advertising costs with ineffective clicks

– Ad publishers who click on their ads to generate more revenue for themselves

– Disgruntled ex-employees trying to get their own pound of flesh.

A small percentage of pay-per-click fraud is carried out by bots. These bots operate by mimicking human behavior and performing repetitive tasks such as initiating clicks on ad campaigns in all types of PPC campaigns.

Click bots are used for data collection and to enhance the user experience. These may not be intended to harm a company, but they cause significant damage to ad budgets.

Regardless of whether click fraud is intended to hurt a campaign or not, all ad campaigns are potential targets of one form of click fraud or the other.

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