Get comprehensive PPC protection in a few clicks

Secure your campaigns against bots, brand haters, and competitors with ClickPatrol’s superior fraud detection. ClickPatrol helps advertisers;


Save on Ad Spend

By blocking fake and fraudulent clicks, our clients save up to 20% on ad spend

Increase Ad conversion rate

ClickPatrol increases overall ad conversion rates by removing useless clicks, leaving only meaningful clicks that are more likely to be leads.

Improve Traffic Quality

ClickPatrol works to improve overall website traffic quality as fraudulent clicks are responsible for poor indicators such as high click through rates and high bounce rates

Stop Competitor Rivalry

By limiting competitor access to your ad campaigns through our IP prediction and detection, unhealthy competitive rivalry is prevented

Assess Comprehensive Campaign insights

ClickPatrol provides comprehensive insights into campaign and traffic quality, such as keyword bids and traffic indicators

Understand Click Insights

We provide detailed insights on click specifics such as location, type of device, number of visits etc


ClickPatrol is the AI solution for increasing your bottom line without changing your business operations.

ClickPatrol is a cost effective PPC management solution for businesses and organizations who are concerned about maximizing ROI and safeguarding their advertising campaigns.

How to Integrate ClickPatrol to Your PPC Campaigns

Integrating the ClickPatrol tool only takes a few clicks can be done in 3 easy ways;

One click add on

Connect our tool in one click to your Google ads account

Account Management

By inviting our Google management account team to your campaign

Manual Installation

Manually install the ClickPatrol software and configure

ClickPatrol is compatible with any ad platform

With ClickPatrol, companies are less focused on wasted ad budgets, click fraud, and unhealthy competition. Our software helps you regain control of your advertising  budget while simultaneously taking back control of the search results.

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How the ClickPatrol API Works


The ClickPatrol API helps reduce your risk of overpaying for fake traffic. These excess charges sometimes run into thousands of dollars depending on how many fake clicks an ad receives.

We do this in three ways;

AI Prediction:

Based on insights from years of market data collection, we are able to make predictions on what users may tamper with your ads. The ClickPatrol software configures advertising publishers to hide your ads from these users.

Unusual Activity Detection:

Our tool is able to detect unusual IP activity. We blacklist these IPs and protect your campaigns from fraudulent clicks


We also blacklist IP addresses that you would like to exclude from your campaigns, and we work to ensure your campaigns are hidden from these IPs.

Levels of Our Click Fraud Protection Service

We combine our database of IP-data, network and device data to fully optimize campaigns for our algorithm and AI. We offer three levels of fraud protection.

We can do this on 3 specific levels


Account Level: Fraudulent IPs are blocked across all campaigns associated with an account


Campaign Level: IPs are blocked only for specific campaigns on an account


Ad group Level: We block IPs only for specific ad groups