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Up to 21% fraudulent traffic worldwide

This means that 1 in 5 clicks on your PPC ads are invalid and will not convert. To maximize the returns on your investment, you must protect your PPC campaigns from fraudulent and invalid clicks.

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ClickPatrol is the AI solution for increasing your ROI without changing your business operations.

ClickPatrol is a cost-effective PPC protection software for businesses that are concerned about maximizing ROI and safeguarding their advertising campaigns.

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How we protect your Campaigns

We help protect your account from fraudulent activities such as:

Competitive click fraud

Prevent competitors from wasting your ad budget

Inflationary Click Fraud

Stop fraudulent publishers from exploiting your campaigns and supplying fake clicks

Bot Traffic

Prevent Bot traffic with no conversions from accessing your ads

Proxy Traffic

Stop suspicious proxy traffic from accessing your campaigns

VPN Traffic

Block suspicious VPN traffic from jeopardizing your ad efforts

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Websites protected by ClickPatrol

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Advanced features

Advanced Reports

Access to in depth reports that can be used to optimize ad campaigns for maximum results.

Display Placement Insights

Get advanced insights into the performance of your display placements. track and stop fraudulent websites form displaying your ads.

IP whitelists / blacklists

Easily blacklist and whitelist IPs on both account and campaign levels.

Traffic quality breakdown

See how traffic to your campaigns are categorized based on their fraud score.


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