Why you need Click Fraud Protection Software

Abisola Tanzako | Nov 18, 2022

Click Fraud Protection Software is a game changer for PPC

Ardan Bousche – Founder, ClickPatrol.com

Online advertising is an essential tool that helps businesses and advertisers attract customers, increase sales, and increase brand awareness. 

According to the Digital Advertising and Marketing – Global Market Trajectory & Analytics report, the global digital advertising, and marketing market, estimated at $350 billion, is projected to reach a size of $946.9 Billion by 2027, at a projected CAGR of 14.1%. The pay-per-click (PPC) model accounts for more than 60% of this market.

Advertising expenditures are directly associated with advertisement click volume in the PPC model, making it more susceptible to click fraud.

The Business of Click Fraud

Click fraud is the growing practice of deceptively clicking on search ads with the intention of either increasing third-party website revenues or exhausting an advertiser’s budget.

It is a complicated socioeconomic and technological phenomenon, which, if left unchecked, could undermine the sponsored search business model.

Fraudulent clicks are intentional clicks that have no value-generating intent. They deplete the advertisers’ advertising budget with absolutely no ROI. They are often malicious, with the sole motivation of increasing the advertisement click volume.

Fraudulent clicks often mirror valid clicks, making them quite challenging to identify. Most search engines claim to offer advertisers some protection against click fraud, although they do not explain how they identify fraudulent clicks.

Search Engines and Click Fraud

Search engines can not explain specifically how it detects click fraud to their advertisers without providing explicit information to fraudsters on how to avoid detection further. 

Thus, encouraging advertisers to trust that they seek to prevent click fraud blindly.

Businesses and advertisers can not ignore the direct benefits of click fraud to advertising networks and search engines. Search engines directly benefit from the number of valid clicks delivered to advertisers and, therefore, cannot effectively police themselves, giving rise to a conflict of interest.

This conflict of interest indicates that search engines may not be as aggressive as they should be in tackling click fraud because they profit from labeling more clicks as valid.

Advertisers are forced to either blind trust that search engines seek to prevent click fraud or they may use click fraud protection software to protect their ads and pursue refunds where necessary.

To effectively fight ad fraud, advertisers must put themselves first. Pay for value and receive Value: no more blind trust, no more half-truths. 

Click Fraud Protection Software

Click fraud protection software are third-party tools that act as a screen between the Ad network and the advertiser. They conduct a more thorough investigation of clicks as they move from the ad network to the advertiser’s website.

These neutral third parties are obliged to share their screening technologies with both the publisher and the advertisers, thus making them free of moral hazards and possible conflicts of interest.

The Relief Click fraud Protection Software brought to all parties involved in the click fraud fiasco cannot be overstated. They can help restore the trust between Advertisers, Ad networks, and Publishers.

With PPC protection software, advertisers can have a smoother interaction with search engines, knowing that regardless of the actions or inactions of search engines in dealing with click fraud, their investments are well protected, and they will receive only valid clicks.

Advertisers describe the effectiveness of PPC protection software as the key to maximizing the benefits of online advertising. 

Many PPC protection software companies operate the advertiser-pay-regime, where advertisers pay for each click investigated. This regime demonstrates the advertisers’ interest in receiving the best possible value for money while forcing search engines to improve their verification technology.

With click fraud protection software, advertisers can verify each click and control who can or cannot click on their ads using blacklist and whitelist options. Top Click fraud protection software include; ClickPatrol, Lunio, Clickcease, etc.

The ClickPatrol Tool

The ClickPatrol software is a third-party tool that screens every single click on your PPC campaign. Our Algorithm screens click based on a set of well-defined criteria. 

These criteria are made up of 800 IP and fingerprint characteristics that are checked for every click. These characteristics are based on the peculiarity of your campaign. 

They include location, type of device, device software, number of times they have visited your campaign, etc.  

These characteristics have a standard for genuine valid clicks.  Fraudulent clicks have one or more deviations from the standard(red flag).

A value is assigned for each deviation and, a maximum value after which a click is flagged, and a threshold value, after which a click is blocked.

For example, if a campaign running in the US and on desktop only gets a click from a mobile device in India, the click is flagged and may be blocked, depending on how much variation it displays.

Our software Algorithm uses traffic data collected over several years from multiple sources to determine what characteristics need to be checked and how much deviation should be recorded as fraudulent.

Clicks are only blocked if we are absolutely sure they are Unwanted. 

Blocked clicks are determined based on the history of an IP, as well as its fingerprint.

Why should you choose the ClickPatrol tool?

Clients have complete control.

Our clients can customize the API and maximize their experience fully. 

You can choose only to monitor your campaigns and not make updates to google; you can also decide how aggressively you want to track and block fraudulent or unwanted clicks.

Click Fraud Protection Software - Click Patrol Dashboard

Users can also manually review blocked IPs, whitelist, and blacklist where necessary.

Supports all Google Campaigns

Our tool supports all forms of Google ads campaigns, including; 

  • Google Pmax, 
  • Google Search ads, 
  • Google Display ads, 
  • Apps (We exclude traffic on account level), 
  • Google Shopping Advertising, 
  • Gmail Sponsored Promotions

Users can also exclude specific campaigns on their ad accounts from being monitored. 

Monitor traffic quality with In-depth Reporting and Insights 

Our reports tell you exactly what kind of traffic comes to your website. We share unique insights based on our data points that are not available via the ad network. All data can be exported, analyzed, and used to make informed marketing decisions.

Savings Predictions and Calculations 

Saving predictions are made based on the number of clicks blocked, your Click-through rates, and your effective CPC. 

Savings, in this sense, means that you do not have to pay for unwanted traffic because they were blocked(in most cases after the first click) and never got to your website. You only pay for mostly valid clicks and traffic that benefit your brand.

For example, If a company has a marketing budget of $5,000 but experiences 12% fraudulent and unwanted clicks. By blocking these clicks before they get to your campaign, you save $600, which is automatically used to purchase more valid clicks from the ad network. In essence, you gain 10-12% more valid clicks.

In cases where clicks are not actively blocked but only monitored, our reports can then be used to file for refunds from your ad network.

In summary

According to industry experts, ad fraud can be eliminated in two ways; Using the pay-per-action model and aggressive monitoring using third-party tools.

True, fraudulent clicks are difficult to identify; however, in many cases, they follow a pattern and display characteristics that third-party tools and advanced AI can screen.

ClickPatrol.com is a click fraud protection software that helps businesses save money, increase conversions and improve traffic quality and click-through rates.

With superior AI technology, our tool can predict, detect, and block fraudulent and unwanted clicks and blacklist suspicious IPs before they cheat you out of your advertising budget.

ClickPatrol.Com offers the most comprehensive PPC protection against all forms of click fraud (unwanted clicks, bots and click farms).

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