ClickPatrol vs. Lunio: Analysis of Two PPC Solutions

Abisola Tanzako | May 13, 2024

Invalid clicks have always been a serious concern in the digital space. Advertisers rely heavily on click fraud detection and prevention software to protect their campaigns and ensure their advertising budgets are used wisely. This article will compare ClickPatrol and Lunio, two well-known click fraud detection software. By examining each one’s features, functions, cost, and user experience, we hope to offer insights to help businesses select the software that most closely aligns with their requirements.

ClickPatrol vs. Lunio: Which is better?

Find out which tool provides the most protection to your campaigns and helps you maximize your ad budget.


ClickPatrol is an advanced click fraud detection and prevention tool that shields companies against invalid clicks and non-human traffic on their online ads. It detects and stops fraudulent and invalid activity using sophisticated algorithms and real-time monitoring to ensure businesses only pay for genuine clicks. Businesses can use the software’s comprehensive reporting and analytics to gauge the amount of click fraud and determine what steps to take to lessen its effects.

ClickPatrol offers settings that can be easily customized to meet each business’s unique requirements. Integrating with common advertising platforms is also simple, so businesses can feel secure knowing their advertising spend is used efficiently with ClickPatrol.

Key features of ClickPatrol

With its extensive feature set, ClickPatrol is a platform for detecting and preventing invalid clicks that helps organizations safeguard their online ad campaigns against fraud. Among the principal functionalities provided by ClickPatrol are:

1. Real-time monitoring: ClickPatrol continuously monitors online advertising campaigns to identify any suspicious or fraudulent clicks as soon as they happen.

2. Customizable rules: Using various criteria, such as IP address, user agent, click frequency, and more, users may design and modify their regulations to specify a fraudulent click.

3. IP blacklisting: By adding IP addresses or IP ranges linked to fraudulent activity to a blacklist, ClickPatrol users can stop themselves from clicking on advertisements in the future.

4. Analysis of user agents: ClickPatrol examines user agent data to spot trends and abnormalities that can point to fraud. This allows users to prevent questionable user agents from clicking on advertisements.

5. Click forensics: ClickPatrol offers comprehensive reports on click forensics, which provide information on IP addresses, user agents, and other relevant information that can be used to determine the origin of fraudulent clicks.

6. Integration with ad platforms: ClickPatrol effortlessly monitors and guards against click fraud for consumers by integrating with well-known online advertising networks like Google Ads and Bing Ads.

7. Automated blocking: ClickPatrol can automatically block questionable clicks by preset rules, saving users’ time and minimizing the need for manual involvement.

8. Custom alerts: Users can configure custom alerts to receive notifications of any questionable activity or possible click fraud, allowing them to safeguard their campaigns immediately.

9. Reporting and analytics: ClickPatrol offers extensive reporting and analytics capabilities to assist users in identifying possible fraud sources, tracking and analyzing click fraud patterns, and making well-informed decisions to safeguard their advertising campaigns.

10. API access: ClickPatrol allows users to easily integrate its invalid click detection features into their current workflows by providing API access for smooth interaction with other third-party products and platforms.

ClickPatrol provides a comprehensive range of tools to assist companies in identifying, stopping, and lessening the effects of invalid clicks on their online advertising efforts. For companies aiming to safeguard their advertising budget and optimize the performance of their web marketing campaigns, ClickPatrol offers a potent solution with its customized rules, real-time monitoring, and extensive reporting features.

Feature list

  • Real-time click fraud detection
  • Customizable click fraud rules
  • IP address blocking
  • Device fingerprinting
  • Traffic quality analysis

How ClickPatrol functions

ClickPatrol is sophisticated protection software that easily integrates with your PPC platform to track every click. It analyzes in-depth IP address, location, and click frequency. This thorough analysis aims to find any potentially fraudulent or non-human behavior that might compromise the effectiveness of your PPC advertising. The unique selling point of ClickPatrol is its capacity to spot patterns and abnormalities that can quickly indicate non-human behavior. For instance, after examining location data, ClickPatrol can detect locations well-known for engaging in illicit activities.

Also, examining the IP address can detect multiple clicks from the same source. ClickPatrol allows you to act quickly when it notices suspicious behavior. Blocking the highlighted clicks will prevent them from wasting ad budgets and distorting your campaign data. You can also notify the advertising platform about these invalid clicks. This will maintain the accuracy of your campaign data and improve the overall effectiveness of your PPC campaigns.

ClickPatrol Pricing

ClickPatrol provides three pricing plans suitable for various needs and budgets. This allows companies of multiple sizes with various financial plans to take advantage of the platform’s superior PPC protection features, making it a flexible choice for different advertisers. You can select any of the three pricing systems to protect your website from invalid traffic. The 7-day free trial offers users a range of services (however limited). They include:

  • Basic reporting
  • Basic Support
  • Monitoring only protection
  • Insights for one account
  • Insights into potential savings
Protect PRO

This is the premium pricing system, and it costs 71 euros per month for 5,000 clicks. Out of the three pricing systems, Protect PRO is the most popular. It has many features, unlike the free plan, so it is the preferred choice among users. These features include:

  • Active exclusions
  • Real-time blocking
  • Add team members
  • Unlimited users
  • AI Invalid Click Protection
  • Protect unlimited accounts
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Full control
  • In/Export options
  • Multi-platform
  • Active Bots exclusion
  • Active VPN exclusion
  • Active Scraper exclusion
  • Active Proxy exclusion
  • Active Competitor exclusion
  • Standard Support

The last plan of the three pricing systems (Agency) is more extensive than the others and was designed for a larger organization. Although its features resemble Protect PRO’s, Agency features are more high-end and extensive. A quote must be requested to get the price of this plan.

General feedback and integration 

Users’ opinions of ClickPatrol have mainly been positive. Many compliment the program’s intuitive interface and extensive feature set for administering and refining pay-per-click advertising campaigns. Users also value the platform’s configurable alerts and notifications and its tracking and analysis capabilities for ad performance. Most importantly, users have recorded and increased ROI on their ad spend.


Lunio is a tool for identifying and stopping click fraud in internet advertising campaigns. It analyzes click patterns and detects fraudulent behavior using sophisticated algorithms and machine learning techniques. Lunio can precisely identify and block incorrect clicks by tracking and analyzing clicks in real-time, which helps advertisers save money and enhance the effectiveness of their campaigns. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and adjustable settings, Lunio provides advertisers with the tools to combat invalid clicks and efficiently maximize their return on investment (ROI).

Key features of Lunio

Lunio is an all-inclusive platform with a wide range of functions to assist businesses in managing their activities, streamlining their processes, and increasing overall productivity. Among the main functions Lunio provides are:

  • AI/Machine Learning
  • API
  • Account Alerts
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Activity Monitoring
  • Advertising Management
  • Audience Targeting
  • Behavioral Analytics
  • Campaign Management
  • Click Tracking
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Customizable Reports
  • Dashboard
  • Performance Management
  • Performance Metrics
  • ROI Tracking
  • Refund Management
  • Reporting & Statistics
  • Scheduled/Automated Reports
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Third-Party Integrations

Feature list

  • Real-time click fraud detection
  • Automated blocking of fraudulent clicks
  • Detailed reporting and analytics
  • Customizable fraud detection rules
  • Integration with popular advertising platforms
  • High availability and fault tolerance
  • SSL termination and encryption
  • API management and security
  • Customizable routing and routing rules
  • Support for various protocols and applications

How Lunio functions

Lunio monitors and safeguards web ads using advanced AI. It completes this task without human input in real time. Each time users click on your ad, the software examines the user’s browsing environment and IP address. If the click is fraudulent (for example, from a malicious bot or click farm), the user’s IP address is put on the Google advertising IP exclusion list and blocked from seeing any of your ads.

Lunio Pricing

The Lunio pricing approach is quite specific. The price of this software depends on details unique to your needs. For precise pricing information, you must fill out a Lunio form to get a representative to contact you and then give you an accurate, customized price.

General feedback and integration

Users’ opinions about Lunio are divided; some commend the platform for its comprehensive features and easy-to-use layout, while others are upset over delayed customer service and technical issues. Numerous customers highlight the platform’s customizable features and user-friendly design as two main advantages, noting how well it can expedite project management and enhance teamwork.

Why ClickPatrol is Better than Lunio

Advertisers will choose ClickPatrol over Lunio because of the following:

1. Data transparency, privacy, and safety: ClickPatrol provides Full Online Data Transparency, Privacy, and Safety. With ClickPatrol’s PPC protection software, you are 100% compliant with GDPR and CPPA rules. Our servers are certified as follows: 27001, 27018, 27701, 22301, 9001, and CSA STAR CCM v4.0. 

2. Comprehensive reporting: Due to its more rigorous screening procedure, ClickPatrol offers more comprehensive click reports that can be used to improve and make PPC campaign success more efficient.

3. Affordability: ClickPatrol is more affordable (beginning at $59/month) and provides more comprehensive protection, in-depth reports, and flexibility. You receive more for less money.

4. IP exclusion capability: Although other PPC protection software can only block 500 IP addresses per campaign, ClickPatrol uses IP classes to block more IP addresses than 500. Therefore, ClickPatrol can provide a better degree of defense against non-human traffic. 

ClickPatrol vs. Lunio; making the best choice 

Clickpatrol and Lunio are excellent options for businesses trying to maximize their online presence and operations. You may be sure that Clickpatrol or Lunio will provide you with outstanding support, smooth integrations, and robust security features to enable your success. The contrast between Clickpatrol and Lunio demonstrates the variety of choices accessible to businesses looking for dependable invalid click detection solutions. 

Although each platform has advantages, the decision ultimately comes down to each business’s needs and goals. Businesses can confidently choose the tool that best fits their operational objectives and financial limits, resulting in a more effective and safe digital advertising campaign.


How do I select the best fraud detection software?

To select the best fraud detection software, you should:

  • Examine your business needs.
  •  Identify the primary features of the software 
  • Assess its performance and scalability
  • Verify if the software has an intuitive user interface.
  • Prioritize compliance and data security.
  • Research the reputation of the supplier and ask for recommendations.
  • Requests or demo 

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