Top 10 PPC Tools to Optimize Your Campaigns

Abisola Tanzako | Mar 28, 2024

PPC (pay-per-click) ads produce fast results! But you need the best PPC tools to implement a successful plan and get a good return. This article will discuss the top PPC tools to help you run a profitable advertising campaign.

What are PPC tools?

PPC tools are software programs that assist advertisers in preparing, managing, evaluating, and optimizing their pay-per-click advertising efforts. There are various PPC tool  that specializes in several aspects of running an effective advertising campaign, some of which include:

  • Keyword research: Find the best keywords for your ads.
  • Competitive analysis: Recognizing the tactics of your closest competitors
  • Ad creation: Creating engaging advertising content
  • Campaign management: managing, streamlining, and optimizing your advertising campaigns
  • Automation: is the use of software to carry out particular actions automatically.
  • Performance tracking: Tracking the success of your ads

Why do I need PPC tools?

PPC tools make running pay-per-click advertisements easier. It makes your campaign more effective and efficient. PPC tools are essential because:

  • They reduce errors and save time by automating complex procedures.
  • They offer perceptions of industry trends and competitors’ tactics.
  • They facilitate more effective campaign creation and management.
  • They make it possible to track performance in real time and make modifications for improved outcomes.
  • They aid in improving your financial management.

Note that not all PPC tools provide each of these advantages.

Top 10 PPC optimization tools


ClickPatrol is an advanced PPC protection tool, specifically engineered to detect and eradicate invalid clicks and non-human traffic that plague your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. This innovative platform, which has gained the trust of over 4,000 advertisers, serves as a protective barrier for an impressive number of more than 70,000 campaigns. These campaigns are distributed across an extensive network that covers more than 94 diverse countries.

The tool is created to rectify the limitations of traditional PPC protection tools by introducing a more efficient and automated methodology. The unique selling proposition of ClickPatrol lies in its utilization of sophisticated algorithms. These algorithms are adept at scrutinizing click behaviour and identifying discrepancies that may suggest invalid activity. For instance, they can detect a rapid succession of clicks from an identical IP address or clicks that trace back to recognized bot networks.


ClickPatrol offers comprehensive PPC protection on ad level, campaign level and account level. With ClickPatrol, advertisers can maximize their ad spend by paying for only valid and human clicks.

It is an advanced tool that effortlessly integrates with your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) platform to monitor all incoming clicks. It thoroughly analyses clicks for various data points, like the IP address, analyzing location, and click frequency. This detailed examination is designed to detect any potential invalid activity that could jeopardize the success of your PPC campaigns.


  • Freemium plan (monitoring only mode)
  • €79/month for up to 5,000 clicks
  • Customized agency pricing


This downloadable desktop tool allows you to create, track, and change Google advertising. It was formerly known as AdWords Editor. The software lets you build or edit your advertisements offline, preview edits in draft mode before they go live, and make bulk changes to many ads in addition to performance monitoring.

Alongside Google Ads, the editor enables users to create and assign a bid strategy to campaigns tailored to the Google bid strategy. It would help if you first created a Google Ads campaign to administer it through the Ads Editor. This program might be a simple and inexpensive choice if you want to concentrate on Google first and only try to learn one PPC strategy at a time.

Unlike WordStream or premium PPC managers, Google Ads Editor offers different automation tools or tips for improvement. This may mean that additional human tweaks and oversight are needed.


The Google Ads editor has the unique benefit of being linked to the biggest search engine in the world, even though it does not have the same robust features as a paid tool. Although it may involve more physical labor, this approach offers your campaign the best opportunity to reach the largest market.


  • Google Ads advertisers get it free.
  • Integration: Google Ads


Optmyzr offers a slightly more sophisticated set of capabilities for bulk campaign creation and management for marketers and agencies who wish to run many campaigns or require more automatic features. Like WordStream, this premium tool allows you to start, monitor, and manage PPC ads across several platforms. The Optmyzr website states customers can automate reports, alerts, and scripts using any software version.

Every membership also includes twice-yearly product training sessions led by Optmyzr representatives. Users can upload and create campaigns in a moment using one of Optmyzr’s tools from data sources like spreadsheets or integrations.

After the data is uploaded, users can automatically produce names and other ad elements using specific criteria, such as “brand” or “product.”

Advertisers can quickly and easily adjust by viewing performance statistics in their accounts with Optmyzr. Additionally, I can automate some of the repetitive operations I have to perform by using their library of scripts,” he explains. The tool does much laborious, sophisticated work so that you can concentrate more on strategy.


Optmyzr helps companies optimize their PPC ad data, living up to its name. Optmyzr is an excellent option for businesses of all sizes because it allows easier access to more information.


  • The cost of Optmyzr is based on the monthly amount of ads spent, which is between $25,000 and $249/month.
  • Integration: Google, Bing, and Yahoo ads.


Although Google is still the preferred PPC choice for many advertisers, Bing PPC has become more popular due to its daily of over 100 million users. Bing provides Google-like software for PPC advertisements on its search engine. You can edit your advertisements offline, just like with the Google Ads Editor, and then upload them back online as soon as you have an internet connection again.

With this management tool, you can manage your bids, conduct keyword research, and keep an eye on your results. Like Google Ads Editor, this tool can solely be accessed by individuals possessing a Bing Ads account or an active campaign and includes no automation features.


Bing, ah. Microsoft’s search engine is becoming more popular than Google’s. Although it’s still a David vs. Goliath scenario, businesses can only go right by increasing the impact of their ads because Bing’s PPC tools are readily available.


  • Bing advertisers get it free
  • Integration: Bing Ads


The main features of SEMRush’s PPC management software include campaign planning, keyword research, and competition analysis. You can search your domain to view a list of domains you compete with organically and through sponsored search while investigating competitors on SEMRush.

Additionally, you can research the keyword competitors have previously placed bids on to determine whether you should adopt a similar approach. The “Charts” tool in ToolKit can also provide graphs that illustrate the performance of several competitors.

The Keyword Magic Tool is an additional function that lets you enter a term or phrase to get a list of more robust keywords and information about them, like search volume. After that, you can export this data into a document and distribute it to their team. SEMRush has four price tiers. SEMRush offers a low-cost plan that caters to small enterprises, startups, and freelancers. This plan includes PPC, SEO, and search engine marketing tools.

The more comprehensive plans are targeted at larger businesses and agencies. These provide more sophisticated API integrations and white-labeled reports, among other advanced reporting options. You can test out SEMRush, but you must first register for a free account using an email address and password to use these free tools.


SEMRush provides information on the PPC ad performance of your competitors in addition to your performance metrics. This information is essential for businesses trying to make an impression in a congested advertising industry.


  • $129 (Pro)
  • $249 (Guru),
  • $499 (Business)
  • Integration: Bing Ads and Google Ads.


Marine uses a large pool of data and patented machine-learning algorithms to ” calculate bids and allocate budgets.” Users can also modify the budget algorithm by assigning a dollar value to various conversion event types.


MarinOne helps you find the sweet spot for ad spend and maximize your revenue. If you bid too little, you risk having your ads not being seen. If you spend too much, you risk having your ads not being seen. It simply pinpoints the middle ground.


plans typically at $500/month.

Integrations: MarinOne Search provides bid management features for ads on Facebook, Amazon, Google, Bing, Yahoo and other platforms.


Skai (previously Kenshoo) provides a range of advertising technologies related to budget management, search, social media, e-commerce, and app-based ads. You can make and modify various bids, including rules-based and model-based bids, using the software’s bid management features. Skai’s platform allows you to incorporate data from other online ad programs and Google Ads. The data can be displayed on several dashboards, including a dashboard that shows revenue, ROI, spend,  and conversion.

According to Skai, its dashboard interface employs award-winning machine learning algorithms to provide customers with budget and ad performance estimates and bid recommendations.

Although Skai’s software is marketed as enterprise-level, the company’s website states that interested startup organizations can take advantage of a free trial as well as plans and paid tools.


Skai allows you to visualize bids that are optimal for your team and import data directly from major search engines. This facilitates the comprehension of PPC ad performance and the areas where spend will yield the greatest returns.


Varies by company in question.

Skai offers quotes and demos for free.

Integrations: Suitable for Bing, Yahoo, Google, and Apple Ads systems.


Acquisio’s bid and budget management software employs machine learning algorithms to review and modify bids and budget allocation around the clock. With acquisio algorithms have been taught to automatically modify budgets in response to season, day of the week, time of day, and ad platform. Due to the variable pricing options, businesses of all sizes, from startups to large organizations, may find this software useful.

Marketers who manage several accounts or who require additional time to frequently evaluate bids and budget allocation may find this software useful. Thanks to the machine learning tools, bid research, and number-crunching jobs may require less time. The spare time may be used better on other worthwhile tasks.


Acquisio’s capacity to automatically modify budgets based on relevant advertising parameters is its greatest selling point. Teams can use this to save costs and guarantee that the right ads are running at the appropriate times and locations.


This varies depending on your business ad spends, how many accounts are managed, and how long the firm and Acquisio agree on the contract.

Integrations:  Bing, Google, and major social networks.


ReportingNinja is a viable choice for marketers or agencies looking to create white-label analytics dashboards that their clients can access. This software can be used not just for the portal but also for scheduling and emailing automated reports to clients or marketers.

When integrated with  Google Ads and/or Bing Ads a marketer or client with access to the white label portal can view a dashboard that pulls in all the data from these third-party sites. Users may view all of the information they need to know in one location with this integration feature. Data from accounts such as MailChimp, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Insights, Twitter Ads, and other platforms can also be integrated.


Searching through numerous sources of data takes up time.

Marketers can view campaign data at any time and from any location to assess the effectiveness of their ads and make any required adjustments by consolidating all ad data into a single, easily navigable platform.


$20/month (starter)

$40/month (small)

$70/month (medium)

$120/month (large)

Integrations: among are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Bing, and Google Ads.


DashThis like reportingninja allows users to link PPC and SEM tools so that all performance data is shown on a single dashboard. If you need to use two or more tools to keep an eye on your PPC advertisements, traffic, and other campaign-related statistics, this option can be useful. DashThis gives you three templates to work from when creating a dashboard: Rolling, Periodic, and Campaign. The Rolling dashboard displays real-time data, the Periodic dashboard displays data for a set period, and the Campaign gathers data on a particular campaign.

Additionally, DashThis provides a variety of ready-made KPI widgets that track and report on various metrics, including impressions, ROI, cost per click, cost per acquisition, conversion rate, and return on advertising spend. Moreover, users can design their unique widgets.


You have control with DashThis. Whether to speed up the process, create your own PPC dashboard from scratch, or utilize pre-made KPI widgets.


$38/month for individuals

$119/month for professionals

$229/month for businesses

$349/month for standard.

Integrations include Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, YouTube, LinkedIn Ads, and Twitter Ads.


Even while each tool has advantages, as an advertiser, you can use some of them at a time. It is best to start small. Select one or two software that corresponds with current advertising objectives, then observe the kind of information they yield. Stay with the course if it’s accurate and useful. Adjust the parameters and give it another go if it isn’t. If ROI still needs to be realized, think about switching software. We hope you found this helpful.


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5. Serpstat

6. Google Auction Insights

7. Meta’s Facebook Ad Library

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