ClickPatrol Vs. ClickCease; Which PPC Protection Software Is Best For Your Campaigns?

Abisola Tanzako | Mar 25, 2024

Advertisers and marketers are constantly looking for powerful solutions to protect their pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns from invalid clicks. Tools like ClickPatrol and ClickCease have emerged as crucial resources in this fight against click fraud, serving as frontline defenders in maintaining the integrity of online advertising campaigns.

This article will analyze each platform’s services, how they work, and their functionalities.

ClickPatrol Vs. ClickCease; Which should you choose?


ClickPatrol emerges as a contemporary solution in today’s PPC protection software, specifically engineered to detect and eradicate invalid clicks and non-human traffic that plague your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. This innovative platform, which has gained the trust of over 4,000 advertisers, serves as a protective barrier for an impressive number of more than 70,000 campaigns. These campaigns are distributed across an extensive network that covers more than 94 diverse countries.

The tool is created to rectify the limitations of traditional PPC protection tools by introducing a more efficient and automated methodology. The unique selling proposition of ClickPatrol lies in its utilization of sophisticated algorithms. These algorithms are adept at scrutinizing click behaviour and identifying discrepancies that may suggest invalid activity. For instance, they can detect a rapid succession of clicks from an identical IP address or clicks that trace back to recognized bot networks.

In essence, ClickPatrol is not just another click fraud protection software. It is a modern, efficient, and automated tool that uses advanced algorithms to ensure the integrity of your PPC campaigns by eliminating invalid clicks and non-human traffic. It is the next step in the evolution of click fraud protection, providing a more comprehensive and effective solution than traditional tools.

ClickPatrol Features

  • Advanced & Granular Reporting:

ClickPatrol offers scheduled and on-demand reporting, allowing advertisers to monitor their campaigns as needed. This feature enables advertisers to delve deep into the data and gain valuable insights into any suspicious activity that could harm their campaigns.

  • Automated Blocking:

With real-time detection capabilities, ClickPatrol can immediately identify and block invalid clicks. This guarantees the efficient utilization of your advertising funds and prevents any waste on ineffective endeavors.

  • Device Tracking:

ClickPatrol can identify suspicious devices and prevent them from clicking on your ads. This proactive approach helps to safeguard your campaigns from potential fraud further.

  • IP Threat Mitigation:

ClickPatrol can block clicks originating from known fraudulent and non-human IP addresses. This aspect enhances the safeguarding of your campaigns, ensuring that known sources of invalid clicks do not target them.

  • GDN Placement Mitigation:

ClickPatrol protects your Google Display Network (GDN) campaigns from invalid traffic. This ensures that your display ads are only seen by legitimate users, maximizing their impact.

  • Behavior Analysis Mitigation:

ClickPatrol uses advanced algorithms to analyze user behaviour patterns and detect irregularities. This allows it to identify potential invalid activity that other methods may miss.

  • Dedicated Support:

ClickPatrol is committed to providing excellent customer service. It offers personalized assistance to optimize your campaigns to optimize the effectiveness of your advertising budget.

How ClickPatrol works

ClickPatrol is an advanced tool that effortlessly integrates with your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) platform to monitor all incoming clicks. It thoroughly analyses clicks for various data points, like the IP address, analyzing location, and click frequency. This detailed examination is designed to detect any potential invalid activity that could jeopardize the success of your PPC campaigns.

ClickPatrol’s distinguishing feature is its ability to identify patterns and irregularities that could suggest non-human behaviour. For example, examining the IP address can determine if multiple Scrutinizing is generated from the same source. Similarly, it can pinpoint regions notorious for invalid activities by analyzing the location data.

Upon detecting suspicious activity, ClickPatrol equips you with the tools to respond swiftly. You can block the flagged clicks, preventing them from distorting your campaign data and draining your advertising budget. Alternatively, you can report these invalid clicks to the advertising platform. This not only aids in preserving the accuracy of your campaign metrics but also enhances the overall ecosystem by alerting the advertising platform to invalid activities.

The ClickPatrol Pricing

ClickPatrol presents a flexible, three-tiered pricing structure to accommodate various needs and financial capacities. This method guarantees that businesses of varying scales and budgets can benefit from the platform’s robust click fraud protection capabilities, making it a versatile solution for various advertisers. To start protecting your website against invalid traffic, you can choose from any of its three-tiered pricing structures, which are:

Freemium plan

This represents the initial free offer in ClickPatrol’s three-tiered pricing structure, providing various services to its users. This service includes the following;

  • Insights for one account
  • Basic reporting
  • Insights into potential savings
  • Basic Support
  • Monitoring only protection
Protect PRO

This premium offering from ClickPatrol is priced at 71 euros per month for 5,000 clicks. It’s the most popular option among the three-tiered pricing structures. This package initiates protection services and includes various features, making it a favoured choice among users. The features it offers are;

  • Protect unlimited accounts
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Full control
  • Active exclusions
  • Real-time blocking
  • Add team members
  • Unlimited users
  • AI Invalid Click Protection
  • In/Export options
  • Multi-platform
  • Active Bots exclusion
  • Active VPN exclusion
  • Active Scraper exclusion
  • Active Proxy exclusion
  • Active Competitor exclusion
  • Standard Support

This represents the final tier in ClickPatrol’s three-tiered pricing structure. Crafted with larger organizations or agencies in mind, this all-encompass organization has extensive features and services to bolster its click fraud protection strategies.


ClickCease, a leading software service in the world of impression and click fraud detection and protection, was founded in 2014 with over 14,000 users and designed to shield paid ad campaigns from non-human traffic or invalid clicks. It is equipped to automatically identify and block fraudulent sources that attempt to click on Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, competitors, and bots.

This is achieved by applying their advanced detection algorithms, which are proficient in automatically blocking fraudulent IP addresses. The fundamental aim is to ensure that advertising budgets are effectively deployed to generate legitimate traffic.

ClickCease  features

  •  Real-time blocking:

ClickCease operates with agility, swiftly identifying and blocking invalid clicks as they occur. Preventing these invalid clicks in real-time ensures that your ad budget is allocated effectively.

  • Automated IP exclusion:

ClickCease automatically adds fraudulent IP addresses to your Google Ads exclusion lists, preventing future clicks from these suspicious sources.

  • GDN shield (Google Display Network):

The Google Display Network is susceptible to non-human traffic. ClickCease provides a protective shield, ensuring your GDN campaigns remain free from invalid clicks.

  • Advanced reports:

Detailed insights are crucial for tracking suspicious activity. ClickCease offers comprehensive reports, allowing you to analyze patterns and take informed actions.

  • Responsive customer support:

ClickCease understands the importance of timely assistance. Their customer support channels are responsive, helping you navigate any challenges effectively.

  • Session recording:

This feature provides a detailed analysis of click behaviour by capturing session recordings. It allows advertisers to understand user interactions and detect any suspicious patterns.

  • PPC platform integration:

ClickCease seamlessly integrates with major pay-per-click (PPC) platforms, ensuring its protection mechanisms extend across various advertising channels.

How ClickCease works

ClickCease is an advanced tool that serves as a protective shield for your online ad campaigns. It works by continuously monitoring your website and tracking every visitor interacting with it. Additionally, it keeps a close watch on your ad campaigns, specifically for any suspicious click activities.

The system is engineered to analyze various factors, including the rate of clicks, the analyzer’s geographical location, and the behavioural patterns displayed during their visit. ClickCease’s invalid click detection algorithm processes each interaction with your site.

The ClickCease pricing

ClickCease offers a flexible pricing strategy with three separate plans to accommodate diverse needs. Each plan is thoughtfully designed with specific features to provide comprehensive protection against invalid clicks. To choose your protection plan, you can begin with a 7-day free trial to safeguard your campaigns. ClickCease offers a variety of plans suitable for all account sizes, which include;


This is the first tier in ClickCease’s three-tiered pricing strategy. This plan offers monthly coverage for up to $5,000 in protected visits. The features included in this plan are:

  • Protection for one platform
  • Google Ads or Facebook Ads
  • Protect one website
  • Bot protection for WordPress websites
  • Competitor ad analysis – up to 3 words
  • ClickCease’sClickCease’s AI detection algorithm

The second tier in ClickCease’sCli three-tiered pricing strategy caters to more significant needs. Covering up to 10,000 protected visits at a monthly rate, this plan encompasses all the features offered in the standard plan and additional benefits.

  • Protection for two platforms: Google Ads and Facebook Ads
  • Bot protection for WordPress websites
  • Protect up to 5 websites.
  • Competitor ad analysis – up to 10 words
  • Cross-domain blocking
  • Account Overview
  • Session recording

The final tier in ClickCease’sClickCease’s three-tier pricing strategy is ideally suited for agencies. It provides coverage for up to 10,000 protected visits each month. This comprehensive plan includes all the features offered in the Pro plan and additional benefits.

  • Protection for two platforms: Google Ads and Facebook Ads
  • Bot protection for WordPress websites
  • Protection for 30 websites
  • Competitor ad analysis – up to 100 keywords
  • Whitelabel exportable reports
  • Benchmark analysis
  • Multiple domain setup
  • Account management

Why Is ClickPatrol better than ClickCease?

Marketers are more likely to choose ClickPatrol over ClickCease for the following reasons

Superior Algorithm:

ClickPatrol’s algorithm is significantly more advanced than Clickcease’s with both predictive and reactive blocking where known invalid IPs are automatically blocked upon sign-up. ClickPatrol’s screening is more thorough and done on over 800 characteristics per IP giving more adequate results and making it less likely to block valid clicks.

We have a 3-layered algorithm, it is also embedded with country and device-based algorithms while ClickCease has a 1-layered algorithm.

Detailed reporting:

Due to our more thorough screening process, we can provide more detailed click reports that can be used to optimize and improve the performance of PPC campaigns.

Availability of Data:

We have extensive data collected from around Europe. Our team collected some of these data over the last eight years, and others we get from trusted data sources across Europe and Africa.

We also buy live data from multiple sources which we combine during click screening, where ClickCease focuses on one data source.

European Law Compliant:

Our Superior algorithm is based on European laws and data, unlike Clickcease, which is based on American laws and American data. All our data collection partners are European law compliant.

Deep Understanding of The European Landscape:

As a majorly European team, with vast experience in the European advertising landscape, we deeply understand the European landscape, the different countries, languages, and laws.

ClickPatrol focuses on protecting PPC accounts across Europe, Africa, and the United States, while Clickcease mainly focuses on the US.

More affordable

Our tool is significantly cheaper (starting at $59/month) and offers more flexibility, more in-depth reports, and overall more comprehensive protection. You pay less and get more.

IP exclusion capacity

While most PPC protection tools including ClickCease can only exclude 500 IPs per campaign, ClickPatrol can exclude more than 500 IPs by making use of IP classes. This means that ClickPatrol offers a higher level of protection from non-human traffic.


Click Patrol and ClickCease play a significant role in fostering a cleaner Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ecosystem. These two platforms’ decisions predominantly rely on your specific needs and circumstances. When making a decision, it’s essential to consider several factors. These include your workflow preferences, budget, and the level of protection you desire for your campaigns. Each platform possesses distinct strengths and offerings, and a thorough understanding of these attributes can enable you to make a knowledgeable decision that aligns with your needs.

Remember, the goal is to choose a platform that fits your budget and effectively safeguards your PPC campaigns against invalid activities. We trust that this article provides valuable insights and aids you in making the right choice for your PPC campaign protection.


Q. 1 Can I use both ClickPatrol and ClickCease simultaneously?

Yes, if you implement either tool using tracking templates, you can combine both tracking templates in Google ads.

Q. 2 Are both ClickPatrol and ClickCease solutions better for maximizing ROI?

Yes, both ClickPatrol and ClickCease are maximizing the return on investment (ROI) for your PPC campaigns. They achieve this by eliminating fraudulent clicks and ensuring your ad spend targets genuine leads and conversions. Precise performance data enables prompt decisions and focuses on activities advantageous for ROI and business expansion.

However ClickPatrol’s superior algorithm and advanced screening translate into more savings and higher ROI.

Q. 3 Can I prevent click fraud beyond using a protection service?

You can take additional measures to prevent click fraud beyond a protection service. Here are some tips:

  1. Regularly track the performance of your campaigns.
  2. Be vigilant about clicks originating from unexpected or unusual locations.
  3. Use precise targeting options in your PPC campaign to reach the right audience.
  4. Consider implementing a whitelist for trusted IP addresses to ensure only legitimate traffic reaches your ads.

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