How we helped our users save 29% (~€209 of €1,830) of their adspend, by blocking only 8% of traffic from fraudulent and unwanted clicks

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  • 8% cleaner traffic
  • $209 saved
Our Software screens every single IP click on your campaign for 800 different characteristics. 

Based on the results of this screening and the threat level. IPs are placed in one of four categories (Safe, Low, Medium, or High), with low being valid clicks and high being definitely fraudulent clicks.

IPs that fall in the “high” category are immediately blocked. These as well as IPs, are manually blacklisted by our users.

Each IP threat level is predicted to click on your campaign a certain number of times per month based on historical data.

IP Threat Level Predicted number of clicks per month
Safe 0.43
Low 0.98
Medium 1.24
High 3.8


To calculate savings, we consider how many clicks are blocked, how many times they were predicted to click on your ads as well as the effective CPC (Average CPC per month).

Savings Estimation = Total no of clicks blocked * predicted number of clicks per month * eCPC

In our Alpha testing phase, 18,311 clicks were screened;

With an eCPC of €0.10, 29% of ad spend was saved by blocking only 8% of unwanted and fraudulent clicks.

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