How ClickPatrol Helped Conservio Eliminate Non-human Traffic On Their Campaigns

Reading Time: 5 mins

  • 14% cleaner traffic
  • $1,940 saved
The Challenge

Conservio, a nature-positive travel company, delights in bringing travelers the best of Africa’s conservation travel experiences.

Over the last several months, the company has been experiencing high ad spending with relatively low conversion rates although their campaigns were fully optimized.

In the words of Justin Rijnsberg, CEO & Founder of Conservio, “Something just doesn’t feel right, we have a gut feeling that competitors were either checking our pricing, scraping our website, or deliberately sabotaging our campaigns”. They had tried a couple of other PPC protection tools, but nothing seemed to work.

Our intervention

When our founder Ardan introduced the Conservio team to ClickPatrol, they immediately signed up for our two-week demo, after which we had a results call, where we discussed the results and observations. One of our major observations was a high level of non-human traffic. They were experiencing up to 14% non-human traffic.

Once Conservio became a pro member of, they began to notice positive changes. Conservio now saves up tp 17% on their campaigns in addition to a 14% increase in cleaner traffic.

“Clickpatrol is an absolute no-brainer tool to implement. We achieved an increased ROI from more conversions within the first month of using it” – Justin Rijnsberg, CEO and founder of Conservio.

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