What Is an ISP?

An ISP known as Internet Service Provider charges a monthly fee in exchange for giving you access to the Internet, however many today now provide other services like a home phone connection and a digital TV package. Your internet access may be provided by satellite, a 3G/4G network, underground copper or fiber optic cables, or another method, depending on the package you choose to sign up for.

When comparing internet service providers and plans, it might be helpful to grasp the terminology. Here are some words that are often used as well as what they mean:

1. Bandwidth: The maximum quantity of data that may be sent through an internet connection at once.

2. Bundle: A discount offered by an internet provider for customers that purchase multiple services from them, such as internet, home security, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phones, TV, and home automation.

3. Data Cap: The restriction set out in the internet service plan on the amount of data you may access each month.

4. Download Speed: How quickly you can obtain information on the internet.

5. Router: A gadget that joins to the modem and builds a wireless network connection using radio waves

6. Wireless Network or Wi-Fi: A network that enables wireless connections between smartphones, tablets, computers, wearable technology, virtual assistants, and other devices and the internet.

7. Modem: A piece of technology that connects to the internet and enables data transmission and reception on your mobile device, laptop, or other gadgets.

8. Hotspots: A system of Wi-Fi sites that individually provide access to the internet and have limited geographic coverage.

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