What are Savings on ClickPatrol?

What are Savings on ClickPatrol?

Savings on ClickPatrol are the estimated amount of money you save on your ad spend by blocking invalid clicks and non-human traffic. 

How does it work?

Our savings predictions are backed by research and data from monitoring and analyzing ad accounts with millions of monthly click traffic over several months and across several verticals and locations.

Savings in this sense means that you do not have to pay for unwanted traffic, because they are blocked (in most cases after the first click) and never get to your website.  You only pay for mostly valid clicks and clean traffic that benefits your brand. You are also refunded for these blocked clicks with non-human clicks.

Categories of savings

We help users save their ad spend in various categories. These savings often come in the form of cleaner reallocated clicks rather than a reduced ad spend. 

Savings from proactive blocking 

We have a deep knowledge of server networks, scrapers, and bots, and with this, we compile a list of invalid IPs. Once a user signs up on our platform, our tool proactively blocks this list of already-known bot IPs. 

This way we exclude/block traffic from known servers and networks often used in a country, immediately after a user signs up on our platform. We monitor these lists and improve them daily. 

When does it start working?

Immediately, after signing up on ClickPatrol

Does it save spending?

Yes, it does, it immediately saves between 0,4% to 0,9% of ad spend.

Will this be calculated in your Predicted savings?

No. This is because we do not have historical data to determine how often these IPs visited your ads.

Savings from reactively blocking clicks

This category of saving is achieved by screening and blocking invalid/non-human clicks. We monitor each click going over your Google Ads account, to identify clicks that are not human or invalid. These clicks you will be charged for the first time they happen, however, we block them and save you from recurring invalid clicks. Certain non-human clicks come by websites more than 7 times a week.

We refer to these savings as predicted savings on the ClickPatrol dashboard.

Predicted Savings Calculations

Predicted savings are calculated based on data collected from multiple accounts with millions of monthly click traffic in your account’s vertical and location. 

We analyzed these accounts and monitored them for non-human and invalid clicks over several months. We use this data to project monthly savings estimates.

Factors that influence savings calculation include

  • Invalid click rate
  • Volume of traffic
  • Ad vertical
  • Account history of similar accounts

For example, an account with the following information:

Total number of clicks: 2,000 clicks

Monthly Adspend: €500

ECPC: €0.25

The probability of non-human/invalid clicks on your account is shown below.

Invalid click types

Probability of of occurrence

Avg. number of clicks blocked per month 

Amount Saved

Tool bots – (AdMiner, AdPlexity, Ahrefs, SemRush




Legal bots – (Image, GPDR, Consent, Popi-act)












Click Farms




Incidental non-human clicks








Predicted savings are calculated 30 days ahead and displayed on your dashboard using this data. 

Note: Clicks blocked in the first month remain blocked, resulting in further savings in the subsequent months.

When does it start working?

Immediately, after signing up on ClickPatrol

Does it save spending?

Yes, it does, It saves between 6% to 21%

Will this be calculated in my predicted savings?

Yes, since we can estimate how often clicks come by from a certain host, we can predict how much will be saved in the next 30 days.

Asking for Refunds

As a certified click tracker, we can submit reports of invalid clicks to Google for a refund. This happens in two ways:

  1. We import the list of invalid clicks into Google ads, and some of these are refunded immediately and added to your remaining daily budget
  2. The others are subject to a manual review. After about two months, an average of 15% of these manually reviewed clicks are refunded.

These refunds are not included in the predicted savings shown in your ClickPatrol Dashboard. However, they appear in your Google Ads invoice as refunded two months later.

When does it start working?

Immediately, after signing up on ClickPatrol

Does it save spending? 

Yes, it does. See reactive blocking.

Is this calculated in your Predicted savings? 

No, it isn’t

Network Savings 

By blocking non-human and invalid clicks, ClickPatrol users who run retargeting campaigns can save even more on retargeting, PMAX, and DS campaigns by not showing retargeted ads to these non-human clicks. However, this saving category cannot be calculated in the predicted saving as we need access to retargeting data.

When does it start working? 

Immediately, after signing up on ClickPatrol

Does it save spending? 

Yes, it does

Will this be calculated in your Predicted savings? 

No, this is because we cannot access your remarketing data.

Budget Reallocation

Ad spend savings are reflected as a reallocation of ad network clicks. By blocking non-human clicks, you make room in your budget to receive additional (Cleaner clicks) clicks. In Google Ads, every click blocked is reallocated, ensuring that your budget is maintained.


If you have a daily budget of €1 for 10 clicks, and we block one non-human click, you’d expect to pay 0.90 for 9 clicks, however, rather than pay less, you are reimbursed for the blocked click and you maintain your budget. Technically, you now pay  € 1 for 11 clicks including the one blocked.


Although savings are predicted with high accuracy, the most efficient way to measure your savings/benefits is by monitoring your ads’ return on investment. An increased return on investment indicated a higher influx of valid clicks more likely to convert.

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