Display Placement Insights and Reports on ClickPatrol.com

Abisola Tanzako | Jun 14, 2023

We are delighted to announce the launch of an exciting new feature we’ve worked on for a few months; The ClickPatrol.com Display Placement Insights and Reports.

Display placement ads are a low-hanging fruit for brand awareness and retargeting. However, they are just as susceptible to invalid clicks as search ads.

With the display insights reports on clickpatrol.com, you have more control over the websites where your ads are displayed. You can access the click analysis from each website, including websites with the most suspicious clicks.

How to Use the Display Placement Insights on clickPatrol.com

  1. Find websites and block websites with fraudulent traffic

With the display placement insights, you can easily spot websites that supply your ads with fraudulent clicks and block them on ClickPatrol.com and Google ads

  1. Optimize your placements on published websites

By clicking on the link to the publisher’s website, you can view how your ads appear and further optimize for the position, text, and overall placement appearance.

  1. Export Report And Use data On Google ads


Reports can easily be exported in CSV, cleaned and used to further optimize websites where your placements are published. You can filter for high-performing websites and have your placements on them or filter for low-performing/or fraudulent websites and stop your ads from showing on them.

With the Display insights, you have more control over how and where your placements are shown and the quality of traffic that gets to them. You can optimize your display placements in a few clicks for maximum results.

How to Find Display Placement Insights

  • Log in to your ClickPatrol.com dashboard
  • Click on Reports
  • Navigate to placements
  • Click on Placements to view Insights

Watch the short video below


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