Frequently Asked Questions
Does ClickPatrol work as other PPC Protection software on the market?

Yes, is identical to other PPC protection software, however, we have a more advanced AI and a larger database. This directly translates into better functionality, and more accurate prediction and protection.

What type of accounts work best with ClickPatrol?

ClickPatrol is suited for all types of accounts. We are fully optimized to protect both “big” and “small” Google ads accounts.

How long does it take for the ClickPatrol tool to start running on my account?

The ClickPatrol tool starts running on your account the moment you subscribe.

Can I undo IP Blocking?

Yes, all IP blockings can be undone easily in three ways;

  • Unblock them in the ClickPatrol tool
  • Whitelist IP addresses
  • Manually overrule blocking in Google ads
Does ClickPatrol exclude IPs just like other PPC protection software?

Yes, ClickPatrol functions to exclude fraudulent IPs in all classes (classes A, B, and C) as well as certain unique IPs that are not easily classed. Both IPV4 and IPV6 IPs are covered by ClickPatrol.

Are changes made by the ClickPatrol tool reversible?

Yes, all changes to Google ads made by the ClickPatrol tool are completely reversible

Can certain campaigns be excluded from monitoring on an ad account?

Yes, you can exclude certain campaigns and campaign groups on your account from being monitored.

Is the ClickPatrol tool approved by Google and Microsoft?

Yes, our tool is validated by both Google and Microsoft. We only use official APIs provided by these search engines

How does the phasing out of third-party cookies affect the functionality of ClickPatrol?

Our software does not rely on the use of third-party cookies, hence a “cookieless” era has no impact on the use of ClickPatrol.