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For every 10 clicks on your ad campaign, 2 May be fake, fraudulent or malicious, and one fifth of your ad spend could be wasted.

ClickPatrol uses superior technology to secure your PPC campaigns against click fraud, competitors, bots, and brand haters.

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ClickPatrol increases your overall ad conversion rates by removing useless clicks, leaving only meaningful clicks that are more likely to be leads.

Our software is one of the smartest tools to improve overall website traffic quality as fraudulent clicks are responsible for poor traffic indicators such as high click through rates and high bounce rates.

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Assess detailed click fraud reports on your campaigns

Get in-depth Click Insights.

We provide detailed insights on click specifics such as location, type of device, number of visits etc.

Save on Adspend and get your refunds from google

Not only are you able to save up to 21% of your adspend, but our all inclusive reports can help facilitate your refunds from Google.

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ClickPatrol is the AI solution for increasing your bottom line without changing your business operations.

ClickPatrol is a cost effective PPC management solution for businesses and organizations who are concerned about maximizing ROI and safeguarding their advertising campaigns across platforms.